Popular jurist and head of Julian Assange’s legal group Baltasar Garzon informed RT that the United States has been privately carrying out an examination into his customer and WikiLeaks, arguing that those linked in criminal offenses must deal with legal action rather.

Garzon, a distinguished human rights judge who rested on Spain’s main criminal court and when arraigned Chilean totalitarian Augusto Pinochet, stated in an interview to RT Spanish that while Sweden dropping charges versus the WikiLeaks co-founder is a welcome action, the primary risk to his liberty originates from Washington.

” He [Assange] is pleased, but, in his own words, the war just starts now. We comprehended that Sweden was simply a tool in the battle versus the liberty of speech. This [function] is the primary profession of the United States,” Garzon stated.

Assange’s legal group has been preparing to use all methods readily available to acquire the edge in a possible legal fight, consisting of UN resolutions and worldwide law “in the hopes that this nation, in spite of all its power, confesses that neither Julian Assange, nor WikiLeaks, nor flexibility of speech supporters is to blame for its troubles,” Garzon stated.

Those who must be held responsible are not whistleblowers and their sources, he argued, but those “ham-fisted leaders who overlooked their duty to safeguard liberty and security in the society.”.

The ones who ought to be “examined and maltreated” are “those who were exposed by WikiLeaks,” he stated.

Very little is understood about the private procedures supposedly underway in Virginia, Garzon stated, keeping in mind that the little information they handled to acquire was gotten through info leakages which they continue to remain in the dark about the status of the procedures.

” Since 2010, the United States has been performing a secret examination versus Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for exposing secret products, for the defend the liberty of speech and info,” Garzon stated, including that as far as he understands, no charges have been brought versus his customer at this moment.

When it comes to the UK authorities caution that Assange would be detained for cannot give up to the British courts back in June 2012, Garzon thinks it just functions as a pretext to restrict his liberty of motion, disallowing him from leaving the embassy.

” I think that it protests the law because he did not breach any pre-trial constraints. He was on the embassy’s area because he was approved political asylum. He got refugee status. This circumstance breaks the law,” the lawyer stated. He went on to say that the British cops cannot notify Assange that this sort of procedures had been opened versus him throughout his five-year remain in the embassy.

” I think that Ecuador’s security is a top priority at the minute. Neither court nor cops have any evidence of Julian Assange’s regret. He needs to be allowed to leave right away,” the lawyer stated, including that the British federal government seems excited to flex the law rather of following it when it comes to his customer.

Garzon stated that the legal group is prepared to go to fantastic lengths to employ the assistance of the UN, the federal government of Ecuador, as well as the UK federal government, to end Assange’s self-imposed exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

At present, nevertheless, no timelines can be set.

” Frankly speaking, we have no idea yet,” he stated.

On Saturday, a documentary entitled Hacking Justice about the legal fight for Assange existed at a movie celebration in Barcelona, including Baltasar Garzon as the chief lead character. Filmmaker and movie theater historian Clara López Rubio, who directed the movie and has been following Assange’s story for the last 5 years, informed RT they made the movie because it was “extremely important” for the liberty of speech and the flexibility of details.

” It was truly a terrific chance to be present in a case that is crucial for the future of the flexibility of speech, for the flexibility of info. That was the reason that we made the movie,” Rubio stated, including that she hopes the defense group will emerge triumphant in the long run.

Since the Swedish district attorneys dropped the charges versus Assange, it is time to move concentrate on “exactly what matters … the United States examination that is happening now,” Rubio stated.